Biblical Jubilee Year Predicts

World Economic Collapse!


       The Bible has the explanation for periodic economic collapses.   In fact the Bible predicts how often they occur.  Not only that, but the Scripture has actually predicted with uncanny correlation the actual dates of five previous economic collapses or financial panics.   The modern economic cycle was discovered by Russian Economist Nikolai Kondratieff.  The Soviets exiled him to Siberia for his contribution to the science.   After all, socialists are in the business of defying economic laws.  The biblical Jubilee was rediscovered by computer scientist Daniel Gregg when he was doing biblical chronology research.  He makes the results of that work available online for free in a 255 page book.  The Scroll of Biblical Chronology And Prophecy: Mapping The Times And Seasons Of The Holy Scriptures can be accessed by following the link.   Gregg discovered the timing of the Jubilee by looking for literary allusions in the biblical texts.  Scholars already knew about one allusion in the reign of King Hezekiah.   Gregg found several more allusions.  One is in the reign of King Saul and  another concerning the fall of Nineveh.   Gregg took these benchmarks and synchronized them with the beginning of the cycle when Israel conquered Canaan.  Then he went one step further and reconstructed all the chronology of Israel, demonstrating that the Jubilee not only synchronizes with Israel's conquest of Canaan, it also matches the first year of creation.

         If you take Daniel Gregg's work and match it with the work of Nikolai Kondratieff, then you will see an uncanny match up between the biblical Jubilee period and the modern "long wave" economic cycle.   The biblical Jubilee comes every 49 years (The 50th year of the cycle is counted as year one of a  new cycle).   Gregg extrapolates these from ancient times to the last three centuries.   Kondratieff's work is mapped by charting the cycles in stock prices and commodity indexes.  In the chart below, which is very typical, the cycle is mapped against the Standard and Poor 500 and also against the PPI or Producer Price Index.   Even the treasury bond price cycle is included in the chart.  These cycles are somewhat chaotic, so the economists have idealized the cycle for us at the bottom of the chart.



     One might notice that the typical modern cycle sometimes  takes a bit longer than the biblical Jubilee.   Gregg explains this in the chapter, "The Economy of the Jubilee".    The cycle always seems to revert to the average of 49 years after three or four centuries.   The cycle can even be charted back to the Tulip Mania  in 1637, and some say that traces of it can be discovered as far back as the 12th century!

      The economic crash may have caught you by surprise, but it didn't catch Mr. Gregg.     Gregg published his book in the spring of 2007, and he precisely predicted the beginning of the world economic crash.   He writes:


       "We count the Kondratieff Supercycles beginning in 1784 as the Grand Supercycle.   'As we read Elliot, the current bull market in stocks is the fifth wave from 1932 of the fifth wave from 1784 of possibly the fifth wave from the Dark Ages.' (pg. 64).  That is pretty scary and scarier yet is that my own research confirms it.   Prechter labels this Supercycle of Supercycles Millennium.   'Three Kondratieff cycle lows' means  that after the projected crash (2003-2011) which I think is going to be in 2007, that the bottoms of the next three Kondratieff cycles will be progressively lower.   Prechter places these in 2003, 2057, and 2111."


     Gregg also wrote the following before the credit crisis began in 2007:


        "In the next crash, mankind is going to learn the folly of trusting in a usurious banking system that issues fiat paper promises that it fails to keep.   Every man's asset is the other man's liability.  The crash will be the Devil's Jubilee, and hell will laugh all the way to the bank at how they duped the world with fractional-reserve banking."


      You may be asking why Gregg was able to predict this outcome since the next Jubilee is in 2036.   He has his reasons, and you can read about them in the book.   The Jubilee and Sabbatical cycles are actually the divine institutions designed to prevent these economic crashes.  Various types of credit excess and cycles or prosperity can prolong cycles.  Also after several centuries of historic excess, the cycles can be less than 49 years.  Gregg took the various factors, cheap oil, modern banking, and other prophetic clues to arrive at the conclusion that 2007 was the year.   In 2007 the collapse began with the failure of sub-prime lenders and Bear Stearns Hedge Funds:



         Mr. Gregg also maintains a website and forum on Biblical Chronology and Prophecy.  Daniel Gregg can be reached at:  This Journalistic Autobiography was written by Daniel Gregg.


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