EHSV Philippians

Translation by Daniel Gregg

Philippians 1

1 Paul and Timothy, servants of Mĕs­si­ah Yĕshūa̒, to all the holy ones in Mĕs­si­ah Yĕshūa̒ who are in Philippi, including the overseers and ministers.  Loving-kindness to you and shalōm from the Al­mĭgh­ty our Fă­ther and ’Adŏ­nai̱ Yĕshūa̒ the Mĕs­si­ah.
3  I thank my Al­mĭgh­ty in all my remembrance of you,  always offer­ing prayer with joy in my every prayer for you all,  in view of your parti­cipation in the good news from the first day until now, because I have been persuaded of this very thing, that he who began a good work in you will perfect it as far as the day of Mĕs­si­ah Yĕshūa̒, because it is only right for me to feel this way about you all, because I have you in my heart, since both in my imprison­ment and in the defense and confir­mation of the good news, you all are partakers of loving-kind­ness with me, because the Al­mĭgh­ty is my wit­ness, how I long for you all with the affection of Mĕs­si­ah Yĕshūa̒.
9  And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in complete knowledge and all discernment, 10  so that you may approve the things that are excellent, so that you may be sin­cere and blameless onward to the day of Mĕs­si­ah, 11  having been filled with the fruit of righteousness which comes through Yĕshūa̒ the Mĕs­si­ah, to the glory and praise of the Al­mĭgh­ty.
The Good News is Announced
12 12  Now I want you to know, brothers, that my circumstances have turned out for the greater progress of the good news, 13  so that my im­pris­on­ment for the sake of Mĕs­si­ah has become well known throughout the whole praetorian guard and to every­one else, 14  and that most of the brothers, persuaded in Yăh­weh because of my imprison­ment, have very great courage to speak the word of the Al­mĭgh­ty without fear. 15  Some, to be sure, are proclaiming Mĕs­si­ah even from envy and strife, but some also from good will. 16  The latter proclaim him out of love, knowing that I am ap­pointed for the defense of the good news. 17  The former proclaim Mĕs­si­ah out of selfish ambition, rather than from pure motives, thinking to cause me distress in my imprison­ment. 18  What then? Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Mĕs­si­ah is proclaimed. And in this I rejoice, yes, and I will rejoice.
19 19 Because I know that this will turn out for my deliverance through your prayers and the provision of the Spĭr­it of Yĕshūa̒ the Mĕs­si­ah, 20  ac­cord­ing to my earnest expectation and hope, that I will not be put to shame in anything, but that with all boldness, Mĕs­si­ah will even now, as always, be exalted in my body, wheth­er by life or by death.
To Live is for Mĕssiah
21 21 Because to me, to live is for Mĕs­si­ah, and to die is gain. 22  But if I am to live on in the flesh, this will mean fruitful labor for me, and I do not know which to choose. 23  But I am hard-pressed from both directions, having the desire to depart and be with Mĕs­si­ah, because that is very much better. 24  Yet to remain on in the flesh is more necessary for your sake. 25  And convinced of this, I know that I will remain and continue with you all for your progress and joy in the faith, 26  so that your proud confidence in me may abound in Mĕs­si­ah Yĕshūa̒ through my coming to you again.
27 27  Only conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the good news of Mĕs­si­ah, so that whether I come and see you or remain absent, I may hear of you that you are standing firm in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the good news, 28  in no way alarmed by your opponents, which is a sign of destruction for them, but of sal­va­tion for you, and that too, from the Al­mĭgh­ty. 29 Because to you was the favorable invitation, for the sake of Mĕs­si­ah, not only to affirm faithfulness to him, but also to suffer for him, 30  ex­per­iencing the same conflict which you saw in me, and now hear to be in me.

Philippians 2

Be Like Messiah
1 If therefore there is any en­cour­agement in Mĕs­si­ah, if there is any consolation of love, if there is any fellowship of the Spĭr­it, if any affection and compassion,  make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose.  Do nothing from selfish­ness or empty conceit, but with hu­mility of mind let each of you regard one another as more important than himself.  Do not look out for your own interests only, but also for the interests of others.
5  Have this attitude in your­selves which was also in Mĕs­si­ah Yĕshūa̒,  who being in the form of the Al­mĭgh­ty, commanded his being equal to the Al­mĭgh­ty not as booty,  but emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, and being made in the likeness of men,  and being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.  Therefore the Al­mĭgh­ty also high­ly exalts him, and favors in him the name which is above every name, 10  that at the name of Yĕshūa̒ every knee should bow, of those who are in heaven, and on earth, and under the earth, 11  and every tongue should confess that, “Yĕshūa̒ the Mĕs­si­ah is ’Adŏnai̱,” to the glory of the Al­mĭgh­ty Fă­ther. 12  So then, my beloved, just as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your salvation with fear and trembling, 13 because it is the Al­mĭgh­ty who is working in you all, even his will and his work for his good pleasure. 14  Do all things with­out grumbling or disputing, 15  that you may prove your­selves to be blame­less and innocent, children of the Al­mĭgh­ty above reproach in the midst of a crooked and perverse gen­er­a­tion, among whom you appear as lights in the world, 16  holding fast the word of life, so that in the day of Mĕs­si­ah, I may have cause to glory because I did not run in vain nor toil in vain. 17  But even if I am being poured out as a drink offering upon the sacrifice and service of your faith­fulness, I rejoice and share my joy with you all. 18  And you too, I urge you, rejoice in the same way and share your joy with me.
Timothy and Epaphroditus
19 19  But I hope in ’Adŏ­nai̱ Yĕshūa̒ to send Timothy to you shortly, so that I also may be encouraged when I learn of your condition, 20 because I have no one else of kindred spirit who will genuinely be concerned for your welfare. 21 Because they all seek after their own interests, not those of Mĕs­si­ah Yĕshūa̒. 22  But you know of his proven worth that he served with me in the furtherance of the good news like a child serving his father. 23  Therefore I hope to send him immediately, as soon as I see how things go with me. 24  And I trust in Yăh­weh that I myself also will be coming shortly.
25 25  But I thought it necessary to send to you Epaphroditus, my broth­er and fellow worker and fellow sol­dier, who is also your messenger and minister to my need, 26  because he was longing for you all and was dis­tressed because you had heard that he was sick, 27 because indeed he was sick to the point of death, but the Al­mĭgh­ty had mercy on him, and not on him only but also on me, lest I should have sorrow upon sorrow. 28  Therefore I have sent him all the more eagerly in order that when you see him again you may rejoice and I may be less concerned about you. 29  Therefore receive him in Yăhwēh with all joy, and hold men like him in high regard, 30  because he came close to death for the work of Mĕs­si­ah, risking his life to complete what was deficient in your service to me.

Philippians 3

Yăhwēh’s Justice in Mĕssiah
1 Finally, my brothers, rejoice in Yăhwēh. To write the same things again is no trouble to me, and it is a safe-guard for you.  Beware of the dogs, beware of the evil wor­kers, beware of the false cir­cum­ci­sion, because we are the true cir­cum-ci­sion, who worship in the Spĭr­it of the Al­mĭgh­ty and glory in Mĕs­si­ah Yăhwēh and put no confi­dence in the flesh,  although I myself might have confidence even in the flesh. If any­one else has a mind to put con­fi­dence in the flesh, I far more:  circumcised the eighth day, of the nation of Yisra’ēl, of the tribe of Binyami̱n, a Hebrew of Hebrews. According to to the Law, a Perūsh,  according to zeal, a per­secutor of the Assembly, according to the righteousness which is in the Law, being found blameless.  But what­ever things were profit to me, those things I have counted as loss on account of the Mĕs­si­ah.  More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Mĕs­si­ah Yĕshūa̒ my ’Adŏ­nai̱, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them but rubbish in order that I should gain Mĕs­si­ah,  that I should be found in him, not holding to my own justice which is based on tradition, but that which is through the faith­ful­ness of Mĕs­si­ah, the justice which is from the Al­mĭgh­ty, based on the faith, 10 to know him, and the power of his re­sur­rec­tion and the fellowship of his suf­fer­ings, being conformed to his death, 11  since it is how I can attain to the resurrection from the dead. 12  Not that I already have received perfection or have already have become perfect, but I pursue it yet if even I might overtake that for which also I have been overtaken by Mĕs­si­ah Yĕshūa̒. 13  Brothers, I do not account myself to have caught up, but one thing I do: for­get­ting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, 14  I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of the Al­mĭgh­ty in Mĕs­si­ah Yĕshūa̒. 15  Let us there­fore, as many as are being perfected, have this attitude, and if in anything you have a different attitude, the Al­mĭgh­ty will reveal that also to you. 16  How­ever, unto that which we have ar­rived, let us be mindful of that same rule.
17 17  Brothers, join in following my example, and observe those who walk according to the pattern you have in us. 18 Because many walk, of whom I often told you, and now tell you even weeping, as enemies of the cross of Mĕs­si­ah, 19  whose end is destruction, whose god is their appetite, and whose glory is in their shame, who set their minds on earthly things. 20 Because our citizen­ship is in the heavens, from which also we eagerly wait for the Savior, ’Adŏ­nai̱ Yĕshūa̒ the Mĕs­si­ah, 21 who will transform the body of our hum­ble state into conformity with the body of his glory, by the exertion of the power that he has even to subject all things to himself.

Philippians 4

Paul’s Exhortations
1 Therefore, my beloved brothers whom I long for, my joy and crown, so stand firm in Yăhwēh, my beloved.
2  I urge Euodia and I urge Sūn­tūḳē to live in harmony in Yăhwēh.  Indeed, true partner, I ask you also to help these women who have shared my struggle for the good news, together with Clēment also, and the rest of my fellow workers, whose names are in the scroll of life.
4  Rejoice in Yăhwēh always. Again I will say, rejoice!  Let your forbearing spirit be known to all men. Yăhwēh is near.  Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanks­giving let your requests be made known to the Al­mĭgh­ty.  And the shalōm of the Al­mĭgh­ty, which sur­passes all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Mĕs­si­ah Yĕshūa̒.  Finally, brothers, what­ever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excel­lence and if anything worthy of praise, let your mind consider these things.  The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things, and the Al­mĭgh­ty of shalōm will be with you.
Provisions for Ministry
10 10  But I have been rejoicing in Yăhwēh greatly, that now at last you have revived your concern for me. In­deed, you were concerned before, but you lacked opportunity. 11  Not that I speak from want, because I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am. 12  I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in pros­per­i­ty. In any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled, and going hungry, both of hav­ing abundance and suffering need. 13  I can do all things through him who strengthens me.
14 14  Nevertheless, you have done well to share in my affliction. 15  And you yourselves also know, Philip­pians, that at the first proclaiming of the good news, after I had departed from Macedonia, no assembly shared with me in the matter of giving and re­ceiving but you alone, 16 because even in Thessalonica you sent a gift more than once for my needs. 17  Not that I seek the gift itself, but I seek for the profit which increases to your account. 18  But I have received every­thing in full, and have an abun­dance. I am amply supplied, having received from Epaphroditus what you have sent, a fragrant aroma, an acceptable sacrifice, well-pleasing to the Al­mĭgh­ty. 19  And my Al­mĭgh­ty will supply all your needs according to his riches in glory in Mĕs­si­ah Yĕshūa̒. 20  Now to our Al­mĭgh­ty and Fă­ther be the glory to the ages of the ages. ’Amēn.
21 21  Greet every holy one in Mĕs­si­ah Yĕshūa̒. The brothers who are with me greet you. 22  All the holy ones greet you, especially those of Caesar’s household.
23 23  The loving-kindness of ’Adŏ­nai̱ Yĕshūa̒ the Mĕs­si­ah be with your spirit.