Ancient Chronology From The Beginning

Βy Daniel Gregg

Ancient Chronology From The Beginning

What does President Obama have in common with Ancient Chronology? Quite a lot. You see, those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it. Muslims, and perhaps Obama too are not too keen on the true history of the Temple. When was the first Temple built in Israel? King Solomon started the project in 1019 BC, as shown in the Scroll of Biblical Chronology. That’s one thousand nineteen years before the common era (a.k.a. Before Christ). There is a slight inaccuracy in the BC label, as Christ was born in 2 BC, and not the year 1. There is even a slight inaccuracy in the name Christ, which is not a proper name, but a proper title, meaning Mĕssiah. Obama has been envisioned as a messiah come to deliver America from sound thinking into the kingdom of socialism and liberalism. What Obama does not know is that the real Mĕssiah actually owns the Temple site, since his ancestor King David bought it.

Now other BC dates are perfectly accurate, and the only fault is that BC has a faulty name, and not a faulty accounting. It does not matter what we call a year as long as we keep them all in order, and understand the system. All we have to know is that 1 BC is 2014 (or put in the current year here) years before the present year, and that the Temple was built 1019 years before AD 1. Romans did not even use year numbers. They named every year after two political appointees that held office for one year. Then they kept long lists of these office holders. When they wanted to refer to any year in Roman history, then they would say, “In the consulship of _____” and fill in the name of the political appointee for that year. Those lists cover over a thousand years, and feature well over two thousand names.

I have pages here showing BC dates related to years from creation. How then does one get to be ignorant of history? Two words answer that question: false religion. Muslims often deny that Solomon’s Temple ever existed in Jerusalem, or even that Israel has an ancient heritage there, because their religion teaches that the sons of Ishmael inherited the divine promises. And there are lots of deniers, because they will not give up their religious prejudices long enough to consider the accurate and well researched truth. There are deniers in other religions too, from atheism to some errant Christian denominations. So it is necessary to get to the bottom of this. The truth about this piece of real estate called the Temple mount is very important. How did I discover the date of inception? Before the inception of the first Temple, it was a conception in the mind of King David, whose reign is shown at the end of the pages linked above.

To get back to 1019 BC we have to start a bit more recently. No one should trust a date just out of the blue without knowing how it was obtained, or at least knowing if the source uses a reliable method of figuring ancient dates. The first Temple was destroyed in the 19th year of Nebuchadnezzar (2Kings 25:8-9), or according to Jeremiah the 18th year (Jer. 52:29). We happen to know exactly when this king reigned in terms of AD/BC dates, because of astronomical observations inscribed on tablets by the Babylonian scribes in the 37th year of his reign. The tablet is called VAT 4956, and the astronomical alignments are only good for 568 BC. This and other archaeological information allows us to say with complete certitude that the kings 18th year was in 587 BC (using the accession year counting), and that the 19th year was also 587 BC (using non-accession year counting). These facts and details are also mapped out in the Scroll Book mentioned above. Typically a king will die having reigned only part of his last year. The Babylonians counted years from spring to spring. If the new king counted his first part year of reigning as 1, then we call that non-accession year counting. If he waited to the end of the year, out of respect for his father, then that year was called the accession year, and the next year was counted as his first year. This method is called accession year reckoning. The difference between the two methods is 1 year. The book of Kings assigns the destruction to the 19th year because it is using non-accession counting. Jeremiah assigns it to the 18th year because he is using accession counting.

So when did Obama enter upon the throne of his American imperium? January 20. He reigns 4 years, and then you who are doomed to repeat history elect him for another 4 years, until 11:59 AM, Jan. 20, 2017!. The total is 8 years. But those years are not counted from January 1! They are counted from January 20, 2009. To understand chronology, then, we have to understand the system being used. If the president meets with an unplanned fate, or is legally removed from office (with luck--but we don’t want the VP either, or Hillary for that matter), then he would not finish his term, and some other person would. Then we would say how many years he held office, but there would be part years involved.

So you see that the historian’s task can be rather complicated keeping up with politics. The first Temple was destroyed in 587 BC. There is a host of other information supporting this, which I have put into the book, but maybe your heads are already as full as they can get now, and I should quit? No. O.k., no pain, no gain. O.k., it just so happens that Ezekiel had a vision in the 5th year of King Jehoiachin’s exile, giving a sum for Israel’s sin at 390 years (Ezek. 1:1, 4:5). Sparing you the details, this year was 5 years from the date of Babylon’s previous attack in the 7th year of Nebuchadnezzar, which was 597 BC. After 5 years of exile, it was 593 BC. Everyone counts inclusively. Do the math (597-593+1 = 5). Add one when counting both end dates. Now reckon 390 years before this, and we have 593 + 390 = 983 BC. This is the date that the Kingdom of Israel divided from Judah, in the first year of Rehoboam, Solomon’s son. Solomon reigned 40 years, so his rule began in 983 + 40 = 1023 BC. And the Temple was begun in the 4th year of his reign. 1023-4 = 1019 BC.

This was a long shot calculation using a long era. It so happens that there are a lot of shorter calculations that will give the same result. In fact, there are at least three independent methods that give the same results. 1. Further astronomical calculations, 2. charting all the other kings reigns in between, and 3. Using the Sabbatical and Jubilee system.

Now you are wondering why no one told you this before? False religion. Don’t let it come between you and the historical truth. Almost all of the stuff out there is fraudulent, or based on a fraud (due to false prophets and false teachers), and the truth is like finding a needle in Antarctica with a metal detector. But seeing I have seen, and testifying I testify, that I have found such truth in the matter of ancient chronology that is light years beyond anything else. I just used a Hebrew idiom, by the way. So if you want the truth, and want a truth that can be confirmed and verified then consider my words. If you give your support, you will be supported.