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Setting Preferences in Foxit Reader

If you don't have Foxit Reader, you can get it here. Please note that everything has been tested with Foxit. Other readers will work, but may leave a small gap between pages, or may not scroll in full screen mode; If you are not using Foxit Reader, you will have to figure out the settings for best viewing on your own. Adobe Acrobat XI diplays about 1/8" between pages, and does not scroll in full screen mode. Foxit Reader can eliminate the 1/8" gap, and it can scroll in full screen mode.

Also, you should know that the ebook has many bookmarks, so be sure to open up the bookmarks panel. These are preset to standard zoom levels.

The effect of the following settings will be to eliminate the space between the pages, and replace it with a 1 pixel line. This is necessary for the best continuous scrolling effect. Start Firefox and follow the procedures:

• Dropdown 'File'
• Select 'Preferences'
• Select 'Page Display'
• Check 'Custom Margin' box.
• Set the number of Pixels to 1 Pixels.

This will make the pages butt end to end. The charts are printed top edge to bottom edge. When butted together they appear to join.

[Screenshot of Foxit Reader's Preferences Window]

Next open the 'The Scroll of Biblical Chronology' Ebook. Drop down 'View' and select 'continous scrolling' icon.

[Screenshot of part of Foxit Reader's Ribbon Menu]

The continuous scroll icon is highlighted in grey blue. Make sure this mode of viewing is selected. It causes the charts to flow smoothly up and down the screen. If you want to be fancier, then you can orient a screen or external monitor the 'tall' direction. This is an advanced computer skill, but it is a standard procedure that will allow one to see two pages up and down on a tall monitor. I am only suggesting this is possible. The average user need not bother with it.

You will want to check the guides box, and the ruler box. You will have to re-enable the view menu twice to do this. Guides won't work without rulers checked. Dragging down guides is very useful for seeing just how things line up. To do this, with the guides box checked (and rulers too), click and hold the mouse button over the ruler and then drag the guide down into the document. You can then line up rows to see just how old someone was in a particular year, or to see just what year a king or judge was in in a particular year without having to stick a physical ruler on screen. The physical ruler method works too. When the mouse apporaches a guide you already placed, it turns into a little black arrow. You can click and drag the guide off the screen after you are done with it.

You will want to view the bookmarks. This works like a table of contents.(Click the black arrow pointing right near the top left of the screen under 'File', and this will expand the bookmarks. Click on any bookmark to navigate to that view in the document.) F11 will put the book in full screen mode. The screen will still scroll, the rulers will remain, and you can still drag down guides, but the bookmarks will not be visible in this mode. You will probably want to enable the scroll bars in full screen mode. Drop down 'file', select preferences; select full screen; check off 'Show Scroll bar'; click 'ok.' After pressing F11 to enter full screen, press ESC to exit it.