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The Resurrection Day Of Messiah Yeshua 480 pages,

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The Scroll of Biblical Chronology And Prophecy, 256 pages

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About The Resurrection Day of Messiah Yeshua


The Good News Of Messiah

(The New Testament
translated by Daniel Gregg

third edition, 438 pages)

Complete Preview Online

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The Scroll of Biblical Chronology


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PowerPoint: Adam to Solomon

My Demonstration Scroll

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Exploding the Aramaic Myth

An Investigation of Aramaic Primacy and the real language of Messiah

About Exploding the Aramaic Myth


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Index of Greek

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Statement of Beliefs

Who is Messiah?

The Calendar of Scripture 

John 17:3 and Arianism
The Suffering Servant Calendar
A 7000 Year Plan?
119's New Moon Error
Μια των Σαββατων
Nazi's and Palestine
Economics and the Jubilee
Christian Palestinianism (debunked)
Karaism & Mt. Sinai
Torah Pictures
Hegg's Anti Two House Refuted
How to deal with the IDL
Birth of Messiah Resources
Mathew 28:1 Explained
Luke 23:56 Explained (technical)
Matthew 28:19 Father, Son, Spirit
Matt. 28:1 Aramaic Deception
Is Luke 4:16-21 really a Jubilee?
False Prophets and Erring Teachers
Bible Version Reviews
Brief on Dumond's Chronology

PowerPoint Presentations (and papers):

The New Moon, in the Light or in the Darkness?

    A presentation showing historical evidence for the sighted new moon, from Philo, the Elephantine Papyri, the Rabbis, and other sources. This is part I. I plan to expand on this to biblical texts.

The Meaning of Yom Kippur

    A short paper on the significance of the Day of Atonement and what it means in the light of Messiah, forgiveness, and cleansing, and its connection to the Second Coming.

The Birth of Messiah (Part I)

   PowerPoint showing that Messiah was born on Tishri 1, 2 BC. The 15th Year of Tiberius and Coin Evidence.  Establishing the rotation of Priestly Divisions. (Rebuttal to attack).  (Technical Supplement to Part I). Who are my critics?. Counter answer to Rebuttal Rebutted. Final Rebuttal.

The Birth of Messiah (Part II)

    PowerPoint showing how the Priestly divisions work correctly with the Tishri 1 (Yom Teruah/Feast of Trumpets) date of Yeshua's birth in 2 BC, and how they do not work out for 3 BC.

Passover, Exodus, and Passion

    PowerPoint relating Messiah's death and resurrection to the timing of the Passover, and showing the way the types fit perfectly with a Wednesday crucifixion and Sabbath Resurrection.

The Real Bible Code I:    Adam to Solomon

   PowerPoint starting from the beginning with the fundamentals of Biblical Chronology, with special attention to the year of Jubilee.

The Real Bible Code II:   Solomon to Ezekiel

    PowerPoint series continued. More on the Jubilee.

The Real Bible Code III:  Exodus to Exile

The Real Bible Code IV:  390 & 40 years

The Real Bible Code V:   Daniel 9 & Rabbi Halaphta
    PowerPoint showing how Judaism and Christianity fail to calculate Daniel 9 correctly due to religious blind spots.
Review of the Book End Teaching
    PowerPoint reviewing an eclectic calendar method, and exposure of astronomy ignorance that passes for religious teaching.
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