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The Resurrection Day Of Messiah Yeshua

The Resurrection Day of Messiah Yeshua recovers the original chronology of Messiah's death and resurrection after the Church rejected the Torah and threw away the keys almost 2000 years ago. It explains how Messiah rose on the first of the Sabbaths (אחת השבתות), “μια των σαββατων” in the original Greek texts, and how Judaism and Christianity have conspired to do away with the truth, explained in Lev. 23:15 wherein Israel was instructed to count seven Sabbaths after the Passover. This book also explains that Messiah’s ministry lasted for five Passovers, a conclusion first proposed by men like Isaac Newton and Thomas Lewin. The resurrection day is fixed in A.D. 34 using computer calculation of the Biblical Calendar, and then using this year, the precise and exact solution to Daniel 9 is given.

The presentation in this book is totally opposite what the Church claims. It disproves the Sunday resurrection and gives the reason for the Easter lie, with its ancient links to ancient paganism. The book also hows that Judaism has misrepresented the nature of the Sabbatical year, when the Torah is to be read, and the understanding of Passover in connection to Messiah. This book teaches the messianic prophecies in the Torah and Prophets, and shows that Yeshua is the same Adonai Yahweh who walked in the Garden of Eden, and the same Messenger of YHWH who told Abraham not to slay his son on the third day. This book explains third day types and figures in the Torah, and also solves translational and chronological problems related to the issue. Most importantly, it brings all the pieces together into a logical whole, based on a complete chronology of Scripture in my other book, The Scroll of Biblical Chronology and Prophecy.

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The Good News Of Messiah

“The Good News Of Messiah” description here.

The Good News Of Messiah Cover Image

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Exploding the Aramaic Myth

Exploding The Aramaic Myth shows that Yeshua spoke Hebrew and not Aramaic as a matter of course. It shows that the good news of Messiah comes to us from an oral Hebrew that was translated into Greek by Yeshua’s disciples.

This book also demonstrates that the available Aramaic manuscripts used by the Church of the East, dating back to the third century are not original. They are in fact derived from earlier Greek manuscripts. It exposes the work of George Lamsa, Paul Younan, Andrew Roth, and others as fraudulent.

The fraud is exposed by examining the many Greek loan words in avaiable Aramaic manuscripts, and by showing that the majority of alledged Aramaic words in the good news of Messiah are in fact Hebrew words.

Aramaic texts are often pitched as the solution to Church mistranslations where the proper names are not used, or where texts are translated to oppose the Torah. This is not necessary. The original Greek manuscrips can be properly translated to defend Torah, and this has already been done in my other book The Good News Of Messiah.

Exploding the Aramaic Myth means that Christians do have the words of Yeshua best preserved in the Greek sources, and that it is not necessary to toss these out for an inferior Aramaic source.