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First Samuel

Chapter 1

Then, there was one man from RamathaimHa-Ramahtayim ZophimTsophım, from thethe hill country of EphraimEphrayim. And his name was ElkanahElqanah son of JerohamYeroɦam, son of Elıhu, son of TohuToɦu, son of ZuphTsuph, an EphrathiteEphratı. 1:2And he hadto him were two wives. TheThe name of one waswas HannahӇannah, and thethe name of the second waswas Penınnah. Then, there wereare children for Penınnah, and for HannahӇannah no children.

3Then°, had ascended that man had gone up from his city from days to days to worshipcause himself to be worshiping, and to sacrifice to Yăhwɛh of ArmiesTseνaot in Shıloh. And there werewere thethe two sons of EliĘlı, HophniӇophnı and PhinehasPhinɦas, priests to Yăhwɛh. 4Then it wasis the day. Then sacrifices ElkanahElqanah sacrificed. Then he had given to Peninnah his wife, and to all her sons and her daughters, portions. 5And to HannahӇannah he gave one portion. Nonetheless, HannahӇannah he wasis loving.

5bAnd Yăhwɛh had shut her womb. 6Then°, she had vexed hermade her to be vexed—her rival, yea a vexation because ofin being passed over, making her explodethunder, because had shut Yăhwɛh had shut behind her womb off.

7And so it happenedhappens year byin year, by reason of her going up toin the house of Yăhwɛh. Thusly she would needlemake vexed her. Then she weptweeps and woulddoes not eat.

8Then says to her ElkanahElqanah, her husband said to her, “HannahӇannah, why do you weep and why not do you not eat and why must break your heart break? Am not I not better to you than ten sons?” 9Then rises HannahӇannah rose up. Afterward she ateeats in ShilohShıloh, and afterward she drankdrinks.

9bNow Ē‘lı the priest was sitting on the seat by the doorpost of the temple of Yăhwēh. 10And she was bitter of soul, and she prayed to Yăhwēh and weeping she wept. 11And she vowed a vow and said, “Yăhwēh of hosts, if looking you will look on the affliction of your maidservant and you remember me, and not you will forget your maidservant, and will give to your maidservant the seed of men, then I will give him to Yăhwēh all the days of his life, and no razor shall go up upon his head.”

12And it was when she made a great deal praying before Yăhwēh, that Ëli was watching her mouth. 13And Ĥannah—she was speaking in her heart. Only her lips were trembling, and her voice was not heard. So Ëli regarded her as drunk. 14Then Ëli said to her, “How long will you make yourself drunk? Turn away your wine from upon you.”

15But she answered and she said, “No, my lord, I am a woman fierce of spirit; and wine and liquor have I not drunk, but I pour out my soul before Yăhwēh. 16Do not take your maidservant as the face of a daughter of worthlessness! For from the greatness of my complaint and my vexation I have spoken until now.”

17Then Ëli answered and said, “Go in peace; and may the Almĩghty of Israel grant your petition which you have asked near him.” 18And she said, “Let your maidservant find favor in your eyes.” So the woman went on her way and she ate, and her sad faces were no longer on her.

19Then they arose early at the daybreak and they worshiped before Yăhwēh, and they returned, and they entered into their house in the Height. And Elkanah was intimate with Ĥannah his wife, and Yăhwēh remembered her.

20Then it was at the circuit of the days. Then, Ḥannah conceived. Then she bore a son. Then she called his name Shemū’ēl, saying, “Because from Yăhwēh I have asked for him.” 21Then the man E’lqanah went up and all his house to sacrifice to Yăhwēh the sacrifice of the days and his vow.

22And Ḥannah had not ascended, because she had said to her husband, “Until the lad will be weaned, then I will have made him come, and we will have seen the face of Yăhwēh. And he will have dwelled there until time immemorial.

23Then her husband says to her ElkanahElqanah her husband said to her, “Do what isthe best in your eyes. Remain until you wean him, but confirmmake stand Yăhwɛh with his word.” Then stays the woman stayed. Then, she nursedmakes suck her son until her weaning him.

24Then she mademakes him go up him with her whenas that she had weaned him, with a bull three years old, and° loaves°, and one EphahĘıphah of flour, and aa skin of wine. Then she mademakes him enter him thethe house of Yăhwɛh atat ShilohShılo. And the lad waswas aa youthlad.

25Then they slaughteredslaughter the bull. Then they mademake come the lad come tounto EliĘlı.

26Then she saidsays, “In me my lord lives your soul. My lord, I amam the woman, who wasthe one being standingstood herein this to make self to be praying tounto Yăhwɛh.

27ForUnto this lad I had been praying myself make to be praying I had been. Then gives Yăhwɛh gave to me my request which I had requested I had from with him.

28And also I have requestedmake requested I have him for Yăhwɛh. All the days which he will have lived, he is being requested for Yăhwɛh. Then themselves they worshipedmake to be worshiping there to Yăhwɛh there.

Chapter 15

And also the Eminence of Yisra’ēl will not make to be falsehood, and will not be sorry, because he is not a man to be repentant.

Chapter 20

Then Daυid fled from Nayot in Ramah. Then he came. Then he said to the face of Yehonatan, “What have I done? What is my iniquity? And what have I sinned before the face of your father, that he is making be sought my life!?”

20:2Then he said to him, “Make it profane! You shall not be made to die. Behold, my father will do no great matter or small matter, and he will not uncover my ear. And what reason would my father hide this matter from me? This is not so.”

3Then Daʋıd swore himself still more. Then he said, “Knowing he has known, your father, that I have found favor in your eyes. Therefore, he says, ‘Do not let Yehonatan know this, lest he be grieved.’ And truly it is as Yăhwēh lives, and as your soul lives, since there is about a step between me and between death.”

4Then Yehonatan said unto Daʋıd, “Whatever your soul may say, even I wish to do it for you.”

5Then Daʋıd said unto Yehonatan, “Behold, the day to come is the new moon day, and I sitting I should sit with the king to eat, and you will have sent me, and I will have been hidden in the field until the third setting. 6If noticing he will notice me, your father, then you will have said, ‘Asking he asked himself from me, Daʋıd, to run to Bētʰleɦem, his city, because the sacrifice of the days is there for all the family.’ 7If he will say thus, “Fine,” then peace will be to your servant, and if angering he will become angry at it, then know that evil has been determined by him. 8And you will have dealt loving kindness upon your servant, because into a covenant of Yăhwēh you have brought your servant with you, and if iniquity is in me, kill me yourself, and unto your father, why, in such a case, should you bring me?”

9Then Yehonatan said, “Make it profane to you, because if knowing I would know that evil had been determined by my father to come upon you, then would I not make it plain to you!?”

10Then Daʋıd said unto Yehonatan, “Who shall declare it to me, or what if your father should answer you harshly?”

11Then Yehonatan said unto Daʋıd, “Walk, and let us go out to the field. Then they went, the two of them, to the field.”

12Then Yehonatan said unto Daʋıd, “Yăhwēh Almĭghty of Yisra’ēl, be witness, that I will search out my father about this time tomorrow, or the third day. And behold, if it is well unto Daʋıd, or if not, at that time I will send unto you, and I will have uncovered your ear! 13So may Yăhwēh do to Yehonatan, and so may he add, if that it will be good unto my father to do evil upon you! Then I will have uncovered your ear, and I will have made you be sent, and you will have walked away in peace. And may Yăhwēh be with you, as that he has been with my father. 14And not just if I continue alive. And not only will you do the loving kindness of Yăhwēh with me, and I will not die, but 15also you shall not make cut off your loving kindness from with my house onward time immemorial, and not in Yăhwēh’s making cut off the enemies of Daʋıd each from upon the face of the soil.”

16Therefore, Yehonatan cut a covenant with the house of Daʋıd, saying, “And Yăhwēh will have made it to be required from the hand of Daʋid’s enemies.” 17Therefore, Yehonatan made added to make Daʋıd swear, on his love of him. As the love of his own soul he had loved him.

18Then Yehonatan said to him, “tomorrow is the new moon and you will have been noticed, because your seat will be noticed. 19When°Then° you have reached the third daymade to be third you shall descend very quickly. Then you willwill have come to the place where you had been hid on the day of the previousprevious deed. Then you willwill have remained near the stone Azel.

20And I will shoot three of the arrows aside it, as sending for myself to a target. 21And, behold, I will send the lad, saying, ‘Go, find the arrows.’ If saying I will say to the lad, ‘Behold, the arrows are beyond you and hither, take it, and come, because there is peace to you, and nothing is the matter, as Yăhwēh lives. 22And if I may say thus to the boy, ‘Behold, the arrows are beyond you and further, go, because Yăhwēh has made you to be sent away. 23And the matter which we have spoken, I and you, behold, Yăhwēh is between me and between you onward time immemorial.”

24Then Daʋıd hid himself in the field. Then it was the new moon feast. Then, the king sat over the bread to eat. 25Then, the king sat upon his seat, as occassion by occassion, at the wall seat. Then Yehonatan stood up. Then A̓νnēr sat by Sha’ūl’s side. Then the place of Daʋıd was noticed. 26And Sha’ūl had not spoken anything on that day, because he had said, “It is an accident. He is unclean. It is because he is not clean.”

27Then it was in the day after of the new moon feast, the second day. Then Daʋid’s place was noticed. Then Sha’ūl said unto Yehonatan his son, “What reason comes not the son of Yishai, even yesterday, even today, unto the bread?”

28Then Yehonatan answered Sha’ūl, “Was asking, he has asked himself, Daʋıd from me to go even to Bētʰleɦem. 29Then he said, ‘Send me please, because a sacrifice of the family is for us in the city, and my brother, he has made be commanded to me, and now, if I have found favor in your eyes, may I be escaped, please, and may I see my brothers.’ Consequently, he has not come unto the table of the king.”

30Then burned the anger of Sha’ūl against Yehonatan. Then he said to him, “Son of a perverted woman of rebellion! Have I not known that you are choosing the son of Yishai to the shame of the nakedness of your mother?! 31Because all the days which the son of Yishai is living upon the soil, you shall not be established, you and your kingdom! And now send and take him unto me, because a son of death he is!”

32Then Yehonatan answered Sha’ūl his father. Then he said unto him, “For what should he be made to die? What has he done?”

33Then Sha’ūl hurled the spear upon him to strike him. Then Yehonatan knew that it had been determined from° his father to make Daʋıd die. 34Then Yehonatan arose from the table in burning anger, and he had eaten, on the second day of the month, no bread, because he had been grieved for Daʋıd, because his father had disgraced him. 35aThen it was in the daybreak.

35bThen Yehonatan went out to the field at the appointed time of Daʋıd, and little lad with him. 36Then he said unto his lad, “Run, please find the arrows which I am shooting. The lad had run. And he had shot the arrow to make it cross over him. 37Then the lad came up to the place of the arrow which Yehonatan had shot. Then Yehonatan called after the lad. Then he said, “Is not the arrow beyond you, and further? 38And Yehonatan called after the lad, Make speed, haste, stand not. Then Yehonatan's lad gathered up the arrows, and came to his master. 39But the lad knew not anything: but Yehonatan and Daʋıd knew the matter. 40And Yehonatan gave his weapons unto his lad, and said unto him, Go, carry them to the city. 41The lad went and Daʋıd rose out of a place toward the south side, and fell on his face to the ground, and bowed himself three times: and they kissed as a man with his friend, and wept as a man with his friend, while Daʋıd wept the most. 42And Yehonatan said to Daʋıd, Go with Shalom, because we have sworn, the two of us, we in the name of Yăhwēh, saying, Yăhwēh shall be between me and between you, and between my seed and between your seed, till time immemorial. And he arose and departed: and Yehonatan went into the city.

Chapter 21

Then comes DavidDaʋıd came to NobNoν tounto AhimelechAɦımeleƙ the priest. Then trembles AhimelechAɦımeleƙ came trembling to meet DavidDaʋıd. Then he saidsays to him, “Why areare you alone, and no menman no with you?”

21:2Then says DavidDaʋıd said to AhimelechAɦımeleƙ, the priest, “The king has made be commanded me aa word°. Then°, he saidsays tounto me, ‘A man noLet let no man know anything ofwith the matterword which I amam sending you, and which I have made be commanded I you, and the young menI have made be appointedknown I tounto a certain undesignated place certain undesignated.’ And now what is there under your hand? Five loavesbread? Put themthem in my hand or whatever isthe one° being found.”

4Then answers the priest answered DavidDaʋıd. Then he saidsays, “There isthere is no common bread upto under my hand, except holy bread. It is here if have been kept the young men have been kept, surelyhowever from women.”

5Then answers DavidDaʋıd answered the priest. Then he saidsays to him, “TrulyYea, no woman areis being retained by any offor° us, as ofof yesterday, thethe third day, when I went outin my going out. Then°, they make be the equipment of the young men holy, althoughand it is a common journey. And moreover° since it isit is today the breadit will kept holy with° the equipment.”

6Then gives to him the priest gave to him the holy breadthing, because no had been there had been no bread, except the bread of the presencefaces that was being made to turn aside from beforeat the facefaces of Yahweh to set hot bread, on thethe day of its being taken. 7And there, a man from the servants of SaulSha’ūl waswas, on that day being detained beforeat the face° of Yăhwɛh. And his name was DoegDoɛg the EdomiteEdomı, the mighty one of the shepherds which belonged to SaulSha’ūl.

8Then says DavidDaυıd said to AhimelechAɦımeleƙ, “And not is there not here in your keepingunder your hand a spear or sword? Because also my sword and also my equipment I have not takennot have taken I on my personin my hand because has been thethe word of the king has been urgent!”

9Then says the priest said, “TheThe sword of GoliathGolyat the PhilistinePelishtı whom you had struckmade smitten you in thethe valley of the Ęlah°, behold it isis wrapped in a cloth behind the Ęphod. If it you would take it for yourself, thenthen take itit, because there no isis none other besides it herein this. Then says DavidDaυıd said, “None isis like it. Give it to me.”

10Then rises DavidDaυıd rose. Then he fledflees on that day that from thethe facefaces of SaulShaul. Then he camecomes tounto AchishAƙısh king of GathGat.

11Then say thethe servants of AchishAƙısh said tounto him, “Is not this DavidDaυıd king of the land? Is it not to this oneone that they sing in the dances saying, ‘Has made smitten SaulShaul has struck down in his thousands, and DavidDaυıd in his ten thousands’?”

12Then puts DavidDaυıd took thesethe words the these intoin his heart his. Then he fearedfears greatly from beforefaces of AchishAƙısh king of GathGat.

13Then° he alteredchanges himself, becoming insanehis sanity in their eyes. Then°, he madecauses himself to be a fool in their hands. Then°, he mademakes to be marks upon doors of the gate. Then°, he mademakes drooldescend his saliva intoto his beard.

14Then says AchishAƙısh said tounto his servants, “Behold, you see thethe man makes himself to be mad! Why do you bringmake come him tounto me? 15In need ofLack madmenones being made to be mad amdo I, that you have made come this oneone come to inflictmake to be madness upon me? Is this come tounto my house?