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Chapter 2

Then Yăhwēh made to be spoken unto Mōshēh and unto A̕harōn saying, 2:2“Each tribe will be by its standard, by the emblem of the house of their fathers. The sons of Yisra’ēl will camp off a ways. Around the tent of appointment they will camp. 3And those encamping eastward toward the sunrise, shall be with the standard of the camp of Yehūdah by their hosts, and the leader of the sons of Yehūdah, Naḥshōn, son of A‘mmi̱nadav̱.”

4(And his host, even their numbering, was four and seventy thousand and six hundreds.)

5“And the ones camping next to him shall be the tribe of Yissashḳar, and the leader of the sons of Yissashḳar, Netan’ēl, son of Tsū‘ar.” 6(And his host, even its numbering was four and fifty thousand, and four hundreds.)

7“The tribe of Zev̱ūlūn, and the leader of the sons of Zev̱ūlūn, E’li̱av̱, son of Ḥēlōn, 8and his host,” (even its numbering: seven and fifty thousand, and four hundreds.)

9All the ones being numbered by the camp of Yehūdah were a hundred thousand and eighty thousand, and six thousands, and four hundreds, by their hosts. They pulled out first most.

10“The standard of the encampment of Re’ūv̱ēn is southward, by their hosts. And the leader of the sons of Re’ūv̱ēn is E’li̱tsūr, son of Shedēi̱’ūr.” 11(And his host, and its enumeration: six and forty thousand, and five hundreds.)

12“And the ones encamping next to him are the tribe of Shim‘ōn. And the leader of the sons of Shim‘ōn is Shelūmi̱’ēl, son of Tsūri̱-Shaddai̱.” 13(And his host, and their enumeration: nine and fifty thousand, and three hundreds.)

14“And the tribe of Gâd, and the leader of the sons of Gâd, E’lyasaph son of Re‘ū’ēl.” 15(And his host, and their enumeration was five and forty thousand, and six hundreds, and fifty.)

16(All the ones being enumerated by the camp of Re’ūv̱ēn were a hundred thousand, and one and fifty thousand, and four hundreds, and fifty, by their hosts.) “And they will pull up second.”

Chapter 3

43Then all the first born males, in connection to the number of names from a son of a month and upwards, by their enumerations, were two and twenty thousand, three and seventy and two hundreds.

Chapter 10

29Then Mōshēh said to Ḥōv̱av̱ son of Re‘ūē̕l, the Midyani̱, the in-law of Mōshēh, “We are pulling out unto the place which Yăhwēh has said, ‘I will give it to you.’ Come with us, and we will have done good to you, because Yăhwēh has made to be spoken good concerning Yisra’ēl.”

Chapter 11

21Then Mōshēh said, “Six hundred thousand on foot are the people whom I am in the midst of, and you, you have said, ‘I will give meat to them, and they will have eaten a month of days?!”

Chapter 16

Then, Qōraḥ son of Yitshar, son of Qehat, son of Lēυi̱ was carried away, and Datʰan, and A’vi̱ram son of E’li̱a’v̱, and Ō’n son of Pelet, son of Re’ūv̱ēn.

16:2Then, they rose up before the face of Mōshēh, even men from the sons of Yisra’ēl, fifty and two hundred, princes of the congregation, called for meeting, men of renown. 3Then they assembled against Mōshēh, and against A’harōn. Then they said to them, “It is enough for you, because all the assembly, all of them are holy, and in their midst is Yăhwēh. And why do you exalt yourselves above the assembly of Yăhwēh?”

4Then Mōshēh heard. Then he fell on his face. Then he made be spoken unto Qōraḥ and unto all his assembly, saying, “At daybreak, then Yăhwēh will make known who is for him, and the one who is holy. And he will have brought near unto himself, even whom he will choose for himself, he will make him come near unto him.”

Chapter 23

18Then he took up his parable. Then he said, “Rise Balaq, and listen. Give ear unto me son of Tsippōr: 19Gŏd is not a man that will make a lie, or a son of man that he should repent himself, such that he has said and he will not act, or he has spoken and he will not make it stand. 20Behold, a making to be blessed I have received, and he has made to be blessed, and I cannot turn it back.

Chapter 28

Then Yăhwēh made to be spoken unto Mōshēh, saying, 28:2Make to be commanded the sons of Yisra’ēl: And you will have said unto them, “My offering, my bread, for my fire, my soothing aroma, you will watch to make it come near to me in its appointed time.” 3And you will have said to them, “This is the fire offering which you will make come near to Yăhwēh, two perfect lambs, sons of a year, to the day, a continual ascending offering. 4The first lamb you will do in the daybreak, and the second lamb, you will do between the settings.

Chapter 33

These are the decampings of the sons of Yisra’ēl when they had gone out from the land of Egypt by their hosts, by the hand of Mōshēh and A’harōn. 33:2Then, Mōshēh wrote their goings out by their decampings according to the mouth of Yăhwēh. And these are their decampings by their goings out. 3Then, they decamped from Ra‘mesēs in the first month, in the fifteenth day of the first month. In the day after the Passover, the sons of Yisra’ēl went out with a high hand before the eyes of all Egypt. And Egypt was making to be entombed that which Yăhwēh had struck down among them, all the firstborn. And on their gods Yăhwēh executed judgments. 4Then the sons of Yisra’ēl decamped from Ra‘mesēs. Then they encamped in Sūkkōt.