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What does Parsimony mean?
Laws of Interpretation
Purpose of
What must I do to be Saved?

The New Notes on GalatiansAnswers to work with.  Answers that make sense.

Textual Criticism .  Is the bible reliable?  What about various readings?  Is the KJV version inspired?

The Origin of the Word "Jesus"

The Biblical Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost)
Shows the correctness of Jewish counting.

Chronology of Pesach (Passover)
Proves the 15th Seder  correct.

Biblical Chronology

    This is superseded with by the virtually identical chronology in the chronology book.   See that first, this is only for the curious, or those who want a quick overview via HTML.
From Creation in 4140 b.c.e. to the Year of Jubilee in 2035 c.e. Restores the sabbatical and Jubilee year.

An Excellent Creation Science Book
by Dr. Walt Brown. Best explanation of how Noah's Flood happened

Paul and the Law
Can Paul be reconciled with Torah?

Email Discussions
Under construction.

Sabbath Resurrection (Online Book)
How Messiah rose on the first Sabbath between Passover and Pentecost.

The Nazarene Standard English Version (NSEV)
     This is obsolete [3/18/2008].     A modern English translation with transliterated Hebrew names.   The Tenach contains the Divine Name in its original Paleo-Hebrew form. [/test]

Biblical Calendar
Calculate the Biblical Calendar with this custom program. Restores the Pre-Hillel II Biblical Cycle of Feasts and New Moons as described in Talmud and Torah. An indispensable tool for keeping feasts on the right days and for chronological research.

A Case For Following Torah
Compelling arguments for following Yahweh's Instruction (Torah) today.


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