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The Scroll of Biblical Chronology Ebook
Sixth Edition

[Image: Chronology Scroll Charts Book Cover]
Cover of the PDF Ebook version.

Discover how the whole biblical chronology was deciphered and solved step by step. It began with my realization, over thirty years ago, that something was seriously wrong with the traditionally assumed Friday to Sunday Chronology, and the discovery that scholars of many demoninations have not accepted it. After review of existing research, and a lot of new research, a new model was developed in agreement with all Scriptural facts, based on fresh literal translations of the original texts.

Using this new model solved other difficult problems in Messiah’s ministry, noted by scientific chronologists of the past, Scaliger, Newton, Lewin, and Solomon Zeitlin. Careful reconstruction of Messiah’s life and the surrounding chronology of Rome led to discovery of a straightforward solution to Daniel’s prediction of the number of years till Messiah’s death. Furthermore, it was solved without any of the questionable interpretations to force actual historical chronology to agree with the traditionally presupposed chronology.

With Daniel’s prophecy solved, a framework was set for overall Biblical Chronology. It allowed working out Israel’s Sabbatical and Jubilee year cycles, and this structure led the solution of key ciphers (or traditional conundrums). The Chronology moved to a new step. No longer was it dependent on the Passion Chronology for its supporting assumptions. It proved itself on its own, and by doing so validated the earlier model as correct. The correction of the Passion Model however was the key knowing where to look for other solutions, solutions that would have remained out of reach without the correct solution key.

It is not the author’s intention to pursue prophetical speculation about the future as the main course. However two spin offs resulted from the chronology. Firstly, it cannot be known for sure which of several scenarios will play out in the end time. However, as a result of the chronology, it can be known for sure which scenarios will not play out. This is a very useful result because it can be effectively used to expose false prophets and completely erring speculators about end time events. It allows us to narrow the field considerably, yet without knowing the exact outcome. Secondly, there are now valid educated guesses to work with for the future.

We can call this an open prophecy model. It is a model that is constrained by things that are already determined, but it is still not completely determined, and therefore is open. It is not possible to know which scenario will be actualized, but it is possible to know that the correct model will fit into biblical cycles, and seasons. To appreciate the open prophecy model, it is necessary to understand biblical chronology as it relates to the past. This way we know the set or class of guesses that are valid, which is a small set compared to the speculations that can be ruled out on the basis of biblical times and seasons.

Truthfully, it is better not speculate about the future at all. But this is exactly what the false teachers and prophets have provided, because people are looking for hope, and they grasp at hope, even when it is a false hope. And the scenarios which they led people to think are divinely sanctioned turn out to be false. Then they find another teacher to provide false hope. Believe me, these teachers do nothing but provide false hope. Their chronological researches are merely a footnote to their end time theories, rather than an effort to discover the actual chronological truth of Scripture. They bend Scripture chronology in an endless number of ways out of context to fit their ever evolving theories, and in doing so pollute the atmosphere with so many frauds that many are prevented from glimpsing the truth. Our hope is in the resurrection of the dead, and not knowing the time of his coming. Our hope is lies in convincing others that Messiah really did come out of that grave on the third day two thousand years ago. Nevertheless, some guesses are provided, since we need have a valid model to show up those that contradict Scripture, and to understand the prophecies.

Two final spin offs have resulted from all of this research. Firstly, astronomical calculations before and after Joshua’s Long Day have been aligned with historical observations, sufficiently to put the solution in this 6th Edition Ebook for secular chronology far in the lead of any competition. Secondly, secular chronology has been almost exactly solved and laid along side the biblical chronology going back to shortly after the Global Flood. A good sample of this will be clearly seen in the preview.

The sixth edition is a completely updated and revised version of the fifth edition. The biblical chronology contains some minor but important changes. Extensive new material has been added, most importantly the non-biblical chronologies of Akkad, Ur-III, Isin, Larsa, Babylon I, Assyria, and Egypt have been added, along with astronomical datings of solar and lunar eclipses.

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About the Author

Daniel lives in Wisconsin with his wife and six children. He writes about Biblical Chronology and theology, and does Scriptural translation work.