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Only the Chronology Ebook is available right now. We will no longer print our own books, and are working with a printing service. We have to reformat the books to their specifications. Please bear with us during the transition.

[Cover of Chronology Charts]
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The Scroll of Biblical Chronology

Printed Version, Sixth Edition

200+ 8½/11 pages.
Double wire bound for easily laying flat.

Price: $50.00.

[Cover of Chronology Charts Ebook]
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The Scroll of Biblical Chronology

PDF Ebook, Sixth Edition

The Ebook may be viewed in any PDF reader on a standard computer display, but I use Foxit Reader for the best displaying results. Please note: this ebook is not intended for ereaders like Kindle. Small ereaders are not equipped to handle the scale and detail of these charts.

Ebook Preview
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Price: $12.00.
File size: 15 MB.

Once you order, you will receive a download link for the full version of the book. The link allows 10 tries and 2 days.

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[Cover of The Resurrection Day Of Messiah Yeshua]
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The Resurrection Day Of Messiah Yeshua

479 pages.
Price: $25.00.

[Cover of The Good News Of Messiah] [Cover of The Good News Of Messiah]
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The Good News Of Messiah

Third Edition

A translation of the New Testament by Daniel Gregg.

Two cover choices are available:
• Fire & Water
• Majestic Mountains

400+ pages.
Price: $22.00.

[Cover of Resurrection Pamphlet]

The Timing of the Crucifixion and Resurrection

Resurrection Pamphlet

20 pages.
Pamphlet booklet.
Price: $3.50.

[Cover of Exploding the Aramaic Myth]
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Exploding the Aramaic Myth

An Investigation of Aramaic Primacy and the real language of Messiah

99 pages.
Laminated cover.
Price: $17.00.